Established June 27, l960

Constitution and By-laws





            SECTION  1.  The legal name of this organization shall be The Forks Township Athletic Association, hereafter referred to as FTAA.  The organization will conduct its non-legal business as The Forks Township Youth Sports Organization (FTYSO).


            SECTION 2.  The mailing address of the organization shall be, The Forks Township Athletic Association, Forks Township Municipal Building, 1606 Sullivan Trail, Easton, Pa.  18040-8437.

































            SECTION 1.  The Forks Township Athletic Association is a non-profit volunteer organization, which is dedicated to organizing and supporting youth sports and social programs within Forks Township.  The FTAA is a non-governmental agency.  The FTAA does not report to, nor is it part of any other township agency.  The FTAA reports solely to its membership. The FTAA and the Forks Township Recreation Board (FTRB) work together in a mutually exclusive arrangement in which the FTAA supplies the commissioners to administer the sports programs and the FTRB administers the township resident tax money budgeted for the sports programs.


            SECTION 2.  To encourage the development and use of the school and municipal buildings and grounds for recreational, educational and social purposes.


            SECTION 3.  To further recreational programs for the residents of the Township.


































            SECTION 1.  This association shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan.  This association shall not endorse a commercial enterprise.  The name of the association and names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest, or for any purpose other than the regular work of the association.


            SECTION 2.  No member or officer shall use this organization for personal gain.


            SECTION 3.  No religious discussion shall be allowed at meetings of this association.






































            SECTION 1.  Any person eighteen  (18) years old or older and a Forks Township Resident interested in the purposes of this association and willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to its by-laws may apply for membership.


a.       Any member failing to uphold the F.T.A.A. purposes, policies or By-laws may have his or her membership revoked by majority vote of active members at two (2) consecutive meetings.


                        SECTION 2.  Application for membership must be made to the

Association on the application form furnished by the secretary. A person applying for membership must submit a membership application.  The application for membership will be voted on as the last order of business at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The applicant may attend this meeting but will be excused at the time of vote.  The secretary will notify the applicant as to the results of the membership vote.


            SECTION 3.  Persons may apply for membership at any time during the year.


            SECTION 4.  No applicant shall be approved as a member until the general membership at the next regular monthly meeting has voted on her or his application.  If the applicant fails to receive a majority vote, the application shall be referred to the Secretary who shall notify the candidate in writing of the decision of the members to reject her or his membership.


            SECTION 5.  Any person rejected for membership shall not be voted on again for membership within on (1) year thereof.


            SECTION 6. - There shall be two classes of membership:


a.       “ACTIVE MEMBER” - Members who attend at least six (6) meetings a year and a resident of Forks Township, PA.

b.      “ASSOCIATE MEMBER” – Members who attend less than six (6) meetings a year.


                        SECTION 7.  Upon approval of new member, said member shall be afforded a copy of these By-laws.











                        SECTION 1. Only “Active class” members in good standing may make motions and vote on all business brought before the association.  In the case of a tie vote, the President casts the deciding vote.  The secretary shall keep a record of meeting attendees.  These attendee records shall be kept to ensure only “Active class” members are casting votes.              

                        SECTION 2.  New members may vote at their third (3rd) meeting within a five (5) month period from the time of approval as a member.


                        SECTION 3.  Members performing official services for the association, including attending league meetings or other board approved activities, on the same night as an association meeting shall be counted as present when verified by the secretary.  The secretary must be notified before the meeting.



































ARTICLE VI  -  DUES         


                        SECTION 1.  Dues for new members (upon acceptance) shall be two dollars ($2.00) for the remaining fiscal year.


                        SECTION 2.  Annual dues shall be two dollars ($2.00) per person to be paid at the beginning of each fiscal year.












































                        SECTION 1.  OFFICERS


a.       The officers of this organization shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

b.      Officers shall be elected annually by majority vote in the absence of candidates in the month of December.  If there is but one (1) candidate for any office, it shall be in order to move that the Secretary cast the elective vote of the Association for the nominee.

c.       The privilege of holding office shall be limited to “Active Class” members who are residents of Forks Township, PA and whose dues are not in arrears.

d.      In order to be elected to the position of President or Treasurer, the nominee must have held the position of Vice President, Secretary, Commissioner or a Committee Chairperson for one year prior to the election. Upon election, the Vice President and Secretary automatically fulfill this requirement.

e.       Officers shall assume their duties at the regular meeting in January and shall serve a term of one (1)  year or until their

                                          successors are elected.  In the absence of volunteers for a

                                          nominating committee, the secretary shall accept “REQUESTS                           

                                          TO BE NOMINATED” and  “NAMES OF INTERESTED

                                           PARTIES” and present them at the November meeting.

f.     Officers of the FTAA are prohibited from serving as members or officers of the Forks Township Recreation Board.


                        SECTION 2.  NOMINATIONS


a.       Nominations for officers shall be made by the “NOMINATING COMMITTEE”.  In the absence of a nominating committee, the current slate of officers of the organization will serve as the nominating committee.

b.      The nominating committee shall report at the November meeting the names of known candidates for each office to be filled.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained before her or his name is placed in nomination.

c.       Additional nominations may be made from the floor provided the consent of each candidate has been obtained before her or his name is placed in nomination.

d.      In the event a candidate cannot be present at the November meeting a “LETTER OF CONSENT” shall be acceptable.


                        SECTION 3.  A vacancy occurring in the office of Vice-President or Secretary shall be filled by a vote of the members of the Association at the next regular meeting, due notice of such election having been given by the President.  In the case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall assume the office of President, and at the next regular meeting a new Vice-President shall be elected.  In the case of a vacancy in the office of Treasurer, the Vice-President assumes the duties of the Treasurer until a new Treasurer is elected at the next regular meeting.
















































                        SECTION 1.  The President; shall preside at all meetings of the Association.  Shall be a member exofficio of all committees except the Nominating committee.  Shall be the Association’s delegate to the Forks Township Recreation Board meetings.  Shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office.


                        SECTION 2.  The Vice-President; shall act as an aide to the President.  Shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer.   Assumes the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of that officer.


                        SECTION 3.  The Secretary; shall keep a record of all meetings of the Association.  Shall see that copies of the minutes be sent to the Chairman of the Forks Township Recreation Board.  Shall keep attendance in the absence of the membership chairman.


                        SECTION 4.  The Treasurer; shall receive all monies of the Association.  Shall keep an accurate record of the receipts and expenses.  Shall pay out funds only as authorized by the Association.  The officers of the FTAA without membership approval may make routine, emergency or critical expenditures of less than $500.  The treasurer shall present a treasurers report at every meeting of the Association and at other times when requested by the President.  Shall make a full report at the December meeting.  The Treasurer’s accounts shall be audited bi-annually by an audit committee of three (3) “active class” members of the association and annually by the Forks Township Auditors.  If a committee is not available and or the township auditors are not available, the FTAA will hire an independent outside accounting firm to conduct this audit annually in December.
























                        SECTION 1.  A regular meeting of the Association shall be held each month, at a date and time determined by the membership, at the Forks Township Community Center unless otherwise provided by the Association.  The President, sufficient notice having been given, may call special meetings of officers, commissioners, and chairman.  Meetings may be re-scheduled at the option of the officers due to special circumstances.


                        SECTION 2.  Not less than seven (7) “Active Class” members including one (1) officer shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting as outlined in ARTICLE IX, SECTION 1.







































                        SECTION 1. The officers, as deemed needed to promote the purposes and interest of the Association, shall create standing committees.  The officers of the Association shall select the Chairperson of a standing committee.  Their term of office shall be one (1) year.


                        SECTION 2.  The Chairperson of all standing and special committees shall present plans of work to the Association.  No committee’s work shall be undertaken without the approval of the Association.


                        SECTION 3.  Special and standing committees may be formed and appointed by either the officers or the Association.  Since a special committee is created for a specific purpose, it ceases to exist when its work is done and its final report has been provided.


                        SECTION 4. Standing committees shall consist of; snack bar, dances and or other social events, internet web site, sports registration, scholarship, Forks Township Recreation Board and background investigation.
































                        SECTION 1.  The order of business shall proceed as follows:

1.      Call to order

2.      Comments from the floor  (Guests)

3.      Reading of the minutes

4.      Treasurer’s report

5.      Correspondence

6.      Officers reports

7.      Commissioner’s reports

8.      Reports of committees

9.      Unfinished business

10.  New business

11.  Adjournment


                        SECTION 2.  The order of business may be suspended or changed at any meeting by majority vote.


































                        SECTION 1.  This Association may be dissolved when membership falls below ten (10) “Active Class” members and the majority decides upon dissolution.  In such case, the funds and or property acquired by the Association shall be used solely for student scholarship programs.  These assets will be transferred to a local bank in a trust account to be administered by Forks Township and or the bank.  This trust will remain open until all funds are depleted.











































                        SECTION 1.  These By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting or special meeting of the Association by a two thirds (2/3) vote of members present and voting, provided proper notice of the amendment shall have been given at the previous meeting.


                        SECTION 2.  A committee may be appointed to submit a revised set of these By-laws as a substitute for the By-laws.










































                        SECTION 1.  Must be a resident of Forks Township, eighteen (18) years old or older and an “Active Class” member.


                        SECTION 2.  Commissioners shall be elected in any sport sponsored by the F.T.A.A.  Any new program instituted by the F.T.A.A. will require a commissioner to be elected by the membership before the start of the new program.


                        SECTION 3.  The commissioners shall be elected by a majority vote of the “Active Class” members.  Elections for softball, baseball, soccer, cheering and football commissioner will be held at the December meeting with nominations being accepted at the November meeting.  Elections for wrestling and basketball commissioner will be held at the April meeting with nominations being accepted at the March meeting.


                        SECTION 4.  The majority of FTAA officers may suspend a Commissioner at any time and that suspension will be voted on by the membership at the next scheduled meeting.  Suspension may be the result of inappropriate behavior.  Inappropriate behavior can be considered to be, but not limited to verbal or physical abuse of children, coaches, parents, or officials.


                        SECTION 5.    A Commissioner cannot serve as a member or officer of the Forks Township Recreation Board.


                        SECTION 6.  Commissioner’s responsibilities are:


                                    1.   Prepare and submit to the F.T.A.A. a yearly budget for their

                                          sport by the September meeting.

2.      Operate their program within their budget.

3.      Must attend and submit a written or verbal report on their sport at all meetings of the F.T.A.A.

4.      Purchase equipment and submit bills.

5.      Choose the head coaches that they will be working with.

6.      Submit a written report at the end of their season to the F.T.A.A. and recreation board highlighting the entire season.

7.      Encourage all coaches to plan all practice sessions so they may attend all F.T.A.A. meetings.

8.      Can suspend coaches, if in his/her opinion, said coach’s action is in contrast to the policies of the F.T.A.A.  (Until the F.T.A.A. can meet on the suspension.)

9.      Perform other items and or duties as assigned by the officers of the FTAA.

10.  All Commissioners are required to report all inappropriate incidents/behavior concerning any coaches, parents, or children involved in their subject sport.  This should be reported to the FTAA board in a timely manner.


                        SECTION 7.  Each commissioner shall be given guidelines to follow in regard to non-residents playing in F.T.A.A. sponsored sports programs.  The FTAA and the Forks Township Recreation Board will issue these guidelines.


                        SECTION 8.  All commissioners are subject to adhere to the by-laws set out for coaches under Article XV.


                         SECTION 9.  If a commissioner has a problem or a complaint from coaches, parents, children, or officials, the following procedure should be followed:


a.       The commissioner should discuss and try to resolve the incident with the offending individual first.

b.      If no resolution of the incident can be achieved from the commissioners’ discussion with the offending individual, the FTAA board is to be notified of the incident and will get involved in achieving resolution.

c.       If the FTAA board cannot resolve the situation, it will then be escalated to the Recreation Board.

d.      The joint boards – FTAA and FTRB - should decide on any resolution by 2/3 majority of both boards combined. 































                        SECTION 1.  Coaches should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.


                        SECTION 2.  Coaches should be encouraged to attend all F.T.A.A. meetings and be members of the F.T.A.A.


                        SECTION 3.  Coaches should maintain discipline on their team at all times.  Any discipline problem should be reported to the commissioner immediately.


                        SECTION  4.  Coaches should play all their players as much as possible.


                        SECTION 5. Coaches should know and follow the league rules and policies for each league their team is involved in.  The FTAA will honor and support any organized league by-laws accordingly and will support any legitimate decisions made by said league against any Forks coach. 


                        SECTION 6. All Coaches must agree to submit to a criminal background investigation prior to being allowed to coach or work with youth enrolled in FTAA programs.  Refusing to submit to a criminal background check removes that candidate coach from consideration for coaching any Forks team.


                        SECTION 7.  Both the commissioners and the FTAA will strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any coach’s inappropriate behavior.  Inappropriate behavior can be considered to be, but not limited to, verbal or physical abuse of a child, another coach, parents, or officials.


                        SECTION 8.  Any disciplinary actions, which result in a dismissal or suspension of a coach, will be carried across all sports governed by the FTAA and the Recreation Board.


                        SECTION 9.  All FTAA coaches and commissioners will receive, review, and sign a copy of Article VX of the FTAA by-laws.  This will serve as an acknowledgement of the coaching policies of the FTAA.  This copy will be stored by the FTAA until a time that the coach no longer volunteers in that capacity for the FTAA.


                        SECTION 10.  Coaching should be considered to be a privilege not a right of an individual.  Prior coaching involvement in the FTAA is not a guarantee of future coaching involvement in any capacity.











                        SECTION 1.  Parents should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.  If the do not, they may be removed by the coach, commissioner, F.T.A.A. Officer or referee.


                        SECTION 2.  A parent and or legal guardian must sign a registration form for each of their children to participate in F.T.A.A. programs.  Non- resident parents are responsible to pay a non-resident fee (as directed buy the Forks Township Recreation Board) per sport per child at the time of sign-ups. 


                        SECTION 3. A parent and or legal guardian registering a child for a youth sports program will be provided with a code of conduct at the time of registration. The parent and or legal guardian must acknowledge receipt of this code of conduct on their registration form.


                        SECTION 4.  Parents are responsible for their children’s transportation.


                        SECTION 5. Parents are responsible for submitting their completed and approved “hours of service voucher form” for each child in each sport to avoid having to pay the association’s activity fee.  Activity fees are collected at each registration.


                        SECTION 6.  If any equipment is lost, stolen, damaged (beyond normal wear) or not returned at the end of the season, restitution must be made before said boy or girl or siblings would be allowed to participate in any future F.T.A.A. programs.


                        SECTION 7.  If a parent has a problem or complaint, the following procedure should be followed:


a.       Discuss the problem with the coach.

b.      Discuss the problem with the commissioner of the sport involved.

c.       Discuss the problem with the F.T.A.A. President.

d.      Attend an F.T.A.A. meeting to discuss the problem with the membership.
















                        SECTION 1.  Children must conduct themselves in responsible manner at all times.  

                        SECTION 2.  Children from outside of Forks Township may participate in F.T.A.A. programs in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Forks Township Recreation Board and current leagues.


                        SECTION 3.  Children who have participated in F.T.A.A. programs and have moved from Forks Township will be subject to the non-resident participation guidelines set forth by the Forks Township Recreation Board.








































                        SECTION 1.  If in their opinion a “Member” has violated any of the terms or provisions of these By-laws, the F.T.A.A. officers can impose against the member a suspension.  At the next regular meeting of the F.T.A.A., discussion of the act or acts and a majority vote of “Active Class” members will, terminate the suspension, set the length of the suspension or invoke expulsion of said violator from the organization.


                        SECTION 2.  As soon as the F.T.A.A. has been made aware of an act or acts of misconduct or offense, the Secretary shall send a letter to the charged party, noting date, time and place of the next regular meeting.


                        SECTION 3.  If the accused willfully fails to attend the meeting cited in the letter, the F.T.A.A. shall proceed to hear and determine the case just as though the accused was present.                           





























[1] Last Revised 2/28/2001 – Current Revision 1.1