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The Brad Lee Weaver

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On Tuesday, August 31st, 1971, Brad Lee Weaver, beloved young outstanding athlete and gentleman of Forks Township was involved in a tragic automobile accident and was suddenly called to his eternal home. We salute his memory.

"Brad" - as he was affectionately called, was one of those rare young individuals who was beloved by all who had the privilege to know him. He possessed great personal charm. He now rests in peace, but the radiance of his smile, his warm handclasp and his noble spirit will long be remembered.

Specifically, Brad had that rare and high quality of leadership which marked him for future honors. As a result of winning the respect and esteem of his fellow team members both as a midget football player and high school wrestler, he was elected 'Captain' by his teammates. When racial tensions at this school began to reach alarming proportions, Brad was a member of the student committee established to get to the bottom of things. He also served with the local newspaper as a forum member which helped to bring the factors into the open.

Brad was a natural 'all-around' athlete who was outstanding in every sport in which he participated. When he reached high school, he chose wrestling. He was an outstanding wrestler and young man who, by the choice of God, was not permitted to reach his full potential.

To his loved ones, we should like to particularly say: "Try to think of Brad as not having died but as having lived." And Brad, we know you'll look back on us occasionally - we shall not be far behind.

Forks Township Athletic Association Prepared by: Samuel J. Campanaro Brad's Midget Football Coach

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