FTAA Meeting March 15, 2010   

Meeting called to order by President-Dan Martyak

Members Present: Dan Martyak, Ty Corallo, John Wieller, Melody Talpas, Nancy Bonfanti, Jen Castellano, Chris Henry, Don Miers, Don Miller, Brett Morrow, Butch Scerbo, Simon Sikora, Fran Tone, Kelli Wilson, Colleen Ziegenhorn

Minutes-Motion to approve minutes- Ty Corallo-Second by-Kelli Wilson

All in favor-All Opposed-None -Status- Approved

President’s Report-Dan Martyak

1.       Board of Supervisor Report

a.       Last Wednesday the Board of Supervisors sent out an Ordinance governing the Recreation Board.  The FTAA did not like some of the items listed on the ordinance.  At the Recreation Sub Committee Dan Martyak expressed his views about the ordinance and Michelle Rodgers had a copy of the Original Recreation Board Guidelines.  Dave Billings stated that he was not aware of the original guidelines and that is why the ordinance was proposed.  The Recreation Board will review the guidelines.   

2.       Background Checks for Baseball, Softball, and La Crosse are almost completed.

3.       The Five year Plan Updated

a.       The New Fields at the Community Center.

1. Dan sent a letter to Dave Billings, Rich Schnaedter, and one of the residents that lives along the new field to walk with Mark Roberts and walk the land.

2. Parking lot on Sycamore was also discussed.

                4. All Purpose Building- Ty Corallo contacted Morton Buildings and asked them for prices and estimated sizes of the building to present to the Supervisors.

                5. Registrations

                                a. Baseball is closed and will take names on a waitlist.  There is room available on the 13 and up.

                                b. Softball is taking girls at the younger level.  The other ages are closed.

                                c. Cheering is still open.

                6. Dan Martyak is requesting that the FTAA has representation at every Recreation Board Meeting and Board of Supervisors Meeting. 



Treasurer’s ReportJohn Wieller

1. Ending Balance $27,166.45

2. Sports Accounts-$18389.68

3. Football Fundraiser-Transferred to the Football Account $1009.19

4. Scholarships-$5,000.00 was paid out and $1,000.00 still needs to pay out.

5. Vending Machines-$2331.92 was received.

6. FTAA is waiting for $3600.00 from the Township for sign ups.

               7. Tax Update-Nothing to report.

                8. A Plus Fire Inspection determined that all of the snack bars passed inspection.

                                a. A Plus charged $306.50 for the inspection.

                                b. The fluids in the propane tanks are fine. In November, the tanks will have to be removed from the snack bars and stored at the Community Center.  In the spring, the tanks will be moved back to the snack bars.

                10. 380 Activity Cards were redeemed to date.

                11. $750.00 was paid in Opt Out Fees.  That figure was provided by Jim Farley.

Correspondence-Melody Talpas-None

Old Business

1.       Dan Martyak requested that Field Hockey be moved to Sports Report.

New Business

1.       Nancy Bonfanti received a complaint that some of the basketball teams were double rostering children. Some kids are seeing very little playing time due to the double rostering.

2.       Don Miller requested names so he can do research on the situation. Don requested that the parent speak to the coach or the Commissioner.

Action: Nancy Bonfanti will provide that information to Don Miller

3.       John Wieller would like to purchase a computer for Melody Talpas to type the minutes.

Action: John Wieller must present the prices at the next meeting.

4.       Dan suggested that the FTAA speak to Woody’s about offering an All Sport Fundraising Card.

Sports Reports

Baseball-Simon Sikora

1.       There were 356 children that signed up.

2.       The 9/10 age group has 26 teams.

3.       The 11/12 age group has 21 teams

4.       May 29, 2010 there will be a 9/10 and 11/12 All Star Game at The Bob Rute Field.  All teams will send two players.

5.       Tryouts for 9U will be on March 18th and the draft will be March 20th.

6.       Teams have been chosen for the 11/ 12 age brackets.

7.       Tee ball has five teams.  This is the first time in four years that t-ball has had five teams.

8.        The 7/8 and 9/10 age bracket is down a team this year.  There will be seven teams at these levels.

9.       Simon Sikora met with Mark Roberts and Ed about the fields and having them prepped and cut out before the season starts.

Basketball-Don Miller

1.       The regular season ended this past week.

2.       Out of twenty-nine teams seven teams are in the playoffs.

3.        Playoff meeting will be held on Wednesday and playoff will begin next Saturday.

4.       The Finals will be held at Lopatcong.

5.       Dan Martyak’s Feedback-would like the season to be finished by February 28. 

Cheerleading-Melody Talpas

1.       As of February 15, 2010, there are 79 girls signed up for cheerleading.

2.       20 Midgets, 16 Pee Wee, 25 Jr. Pee Wee, and 18 Flags

3.       Signups are still open.

4.       Melody received new uniforms.

5.        Melody Talpas requested authorization from the FTAA Officers to sell the Forks Cheerleading Discount Cards for the year 2010.  FTAA Board approved.

Field Hockey-Melissa Walsh

1.       No report.  

Football-Fran Tone

1.       General Coaches Meeting will be held.

2.       There will be two clinics at Lafayette College on April 10, 2010.

3.       The Forks Township Football Coaches are volunteering to park cars for Lauren’s First and Goal.

4.       There will be a League Meeting in April.

5.       The first Football game will be held the weekend before Labor Day.

6.       In February, the Golf Tournament Fundraiser was approved and will be held August 27, 2010.

La Crosse-Scott Hardy

1.       No Report

Soccer-Gregor Wright & Brett Morrow

1.       There are 190-200 children that signed up for Spring Soccer.

2.       Practice started.

3.       Brett will attend the Recreation Board Meeting and request the use of the fall soccer uniforms.

4.       The FTAA Officers approved the Golf Tournament Fundraiser.

Softball-Ty Corallo

1.       The new uniforms are in, numbered, and upstairs. Shirts will be completed by March 20, 2010.

2.       The Draft was held on Sunday, March 14, 2010 for the Minors and the Major Levels.

3.       Signup are closed for the following levels: Minors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors.

4.       Forks will be hosting four USSSA Tournaments this year. 

a.       The dates are as follows …April 17, 2010, May 22, 2010, June 12, 2010, and July 17, 2010.

5.       Ty Corallo is awaiting designs for softball sportswear.

6.       Ty Corallo attended the 2nd League Meeting of the year to discuss changes and costs.

7.       Ty Corallo is interested in hosting the League Tournament again this year.  He should have more information after the April League Meeting.

8.       Invitations were sent out for 12 u Tournament Team.

9.       An email was sent to Mark Roberts regarding the upcoming season.

10.   Ty Corallo is researching new batting cages and waiting for quotes to present to the Recreation Board.

11.   Ty Corallo spoke to Mark Roberts in regards to moving the batting cages.

12.   There are currently 240 girls signed up for softball.  The oldest level has too many for one team, but not enough for two teams.

13.   Lafayette will be offering pitching/catching softball clinics in the spring and the fall.

Wrestling-Don Miers

1.       The Wrestling Banquet was held at Flynn’s on the Hill.

2.       Seven boys will represent Forks at the Phillipsburg-Easton All Star Match.

3.       Uniform returns were held March 15th from 5:30p-7:30p.

4.       The last League Meeting will be held March 16, 2010.

5.       There may be a new wrestling schedule.

6.       If the new schedule is approved, a second wrestling mat may need to be purchased and home teams will host quad matches on Sundays.

7.       Don Miers mentioned that storing the wrestling mats in the heated garage behind the Community Center worked well.

Committee Reports

Background Checks-John Wieller

1.       Background checks for Baseball, Softball, and La Crosse are almost completed.

Community Days-Dan Martyak/Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       The Township is looking for someone to run Community Days.

Dances-Kevin Wall

1.       The Dance will be held March 26, 2010 at the Community Center.

2.       The Baseball Dance will be held April 23, 2010 and the Softball Dance will be held May 21, 2010.

First Aid-Matt Daud

1.       No report

2.       Ty requested first aid kits that can be kept in the lock boxes behind the backstops and for the airport.

Action: Dan Martyak purchase First Aid Bags and fill them with supplies for softball and baseball.  Seven kits are needed.  Purchase ten new kits.

Action: Dan Martyak request that Butch purchases ice packs and the FTAA pays for the packs.


Guidelines-Nancy Bonfanti

1.       Nothing to Report.

Recreation Board-Butch Scerbo

1.       The next Recreation Board Meeting will be held Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 7:00pm at the Forks Township Community Center.

Scholarship-Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       The Scholarship due date is March 21, 2010.

2.       Colleen will send an email in regards to forming a Scholarship Committee.  The Committee will review the scholarship applications and determine the Scholarship winners.

Sign Ups-Dan Martyak

1.        The FTAA Officers will review companies that offer online sign ups.

Snack Bar-Kelli Wilson

1.       Kelli Wilson and Simon Sikora are getting ready for the snack bar stand for the Baseball and Softball season.  The snack bar is cleaned out.

2.       John Wieller is waiting for the keys to the outside vending machines.  

3.       The Dry closet was organized and someone reorganized it.

Sportswear-Melissa Walsh

1.      No Report

Web Site-Ed Adamko

1.       Web site is updated.

Action: Ed Adamko please put Volunteer information on the web site.

Simon Sikora made a motion to close the meeting-Fran Tone-2nd

All in Favor-All Opposed-None- Motion to close the Meeting approved.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Melody Talpas,

Forks Township Athletic Association Secretary