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January 18, 2010 FTAA Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President-Dan Martyak

Members Present: Dan Martyak, Ty Corallo, John Wieller, Melody Talpas, Ed Adamko, Dave Billings, Nancy Bonfanti, Scott Hardy, Chris Henry,Don Miers, Don Miller, Mike Raymond, Simon Sikora, Fran Tone, Kevin Wall, Kelli Wilson, Gregor Wright, Colleen Ziegenhorn.

Minutes-Motion to approve minutes- Colleen Ziegenhorn-Second by Simon SIkora

All in favor-All Opposed-None Status- Approved


Presidentís Report-Dan Martyak

†††††† †††††††† 1. Board of Supervisor Update-Dan met with Michelle Rodgers and David Billings to update the Supervisors.

†††††† A.††† There are two seats open on the Recreation Board.The Supervisors are†† interviewing six candidates Thursday, January 21, 2010.††

B.      John Wieller is going to meet with David Billings and Michelle Rodgers and show them how the background checks are handled.

2.       5 Year Plan- The FTAA will be researching prices for an All Purpose Building (Dome).

3.       Registration Updates- Dan Spoke with Jim Farley about the Activity Cards. The Town raised the sign up fees $10.00.

Action: Dan Martyak will update and send the budgets to the Commissioners and Officers.

Treasurerís Report ĖJohn Wieller

1. Ending Balance- $36494.34

2. Sports Accounts-20,569.48

3. Football Balance $863.46 and with the remaining funds would like to purchase a video camera to video the Football Games.

4. John issued a check for $1500.00 and $500.00 for scholarships.

††††††††††††† 5. Tax Update-John received a letter that states we were late in filing our registration for the 2009 fiscal year. John spoke with Jeff Young, the FTAA accountant and told John to disregard the letter that there was a computer error and everything is up to date.



Correspondence-Melody Talpas-None

Old Business

1.       Holiday party was held Saturday, December 12th at Widowís Tavern at 7:00p.

2.       Dan commented that Melody Talpas did a nice job organizing the party.

3.       Dan announced the 2009 Award Winners

a.       Volunteer of the Year-Kelli Wilson

b.      Coach of the Year-Melody Talpas

c.       Life Time Achievement-Gerry Stefanelli

New Business

1.       Ty Corallo would like Ed Adamko to look into programs and redesign the web site.

Action: Ty Corallo and Ed Adamko research programs to update the web site.

2.       Vending Machines-

a.       Don Miller has turned the Community Center and the outside vending machines to the FTAA.

b.      The FTAA will receive all of the proceeds for the machines.

c.       FTAA needs to find a volunteer to stock the machines

3.       A Fundraising Meeting will be held at the Community Center January 25, 2010 at 8:00p.

Action:John Wieller will track the next few weeks and make sure that we are making a profit.

Sports Reports

Baseball-Simon Sikora

1.       The Web site is updated with Simonís information.

2.       All of the League Meetings are underway.

3.       There will be some rules changes.

4.       Simon is over budget $1275.00.

Basketball-Don Miller

1.      Basketball is a 1/3 of the way through the season.

2.      Community Basketball League has 32 organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey.

3.      The Community Basketball League has 360 teams and 2,160 schedule games.This is one of the largest leagues in the State of Pennsylvania.


4.      The referee fees are $108,000.

5.      The Forks Basketball has 16 divisions, 12 out of the 29 teams have a record of 500 or above.

Action: Don Miller please secure home games for Forks when playing Basketball with St Janeís. There gym is not to suitable for basketball games.


Cheerleading-Melody Talpas

1.      Sign-ups for Cheerleading are being held at the Community Center for the September Football Season.†††††††

Football-Fran Tone

1.      Equipment has been moved to the back of the shed and the baseball and softball equipment has been moved to the front.

2.      Cleaned the snack bar shed.

3.      League Meeting will take place in April.

4.      Fran received a call from Steve Shiffert, the Easton Area High School Head Football Coach, in regards to a High School Football Clinic.One will be held in Cherry Hill, NJ and the other in Morristown, NJ.

Action: Fran Tone will send out an email to the coaches about the clinic.

La Crosse-Scott Hardy

1.      La Crosse is holding sign-ups

2.      Dan Martyak Commented that La Crosse is the oldest sport in America.

Soccer-Gregor Wright & Brett Morrow

1.      Spring Soccer Sign Ups are until the end of February.

2.      Soccer Tournament will be held in Forks. It is usually held the first full week of November.

a.      A committee for the tournament will be formed.

3.      Soccer will hold a Golf Tournament Fundraiser in the June.

Action: Gregor Wright will speak to Fran Tone about the Dates of the tournament.


Softball-Ty Corallo

1.       Uniforms are in and waiting to be screen printed.

2.       Equipment bags are in and are going to be embroidered.

3.       Signups are ongoing through the month of January.The turnout has been good.

4.       Forks will be hosting 3 USSSSA Tournaments this year.(May 22, June 12, and July 17)

5.       Softball is going to be having a Sportswear fundraiser this year.

6.       Ty Corallo attended the first League Meeting of the year to discuss changes and costs.

7.       Ty is hoping to host the league tournament again this year.He will know more after February League Meeting.

8.       Ty Corallo met with Mark Roberts and Ed Kleppinger

a. The Town will be moving the mounds for the new distances

b. The Town is going to cut Fields 1 and 2 more on the corners.

c. The Town is going to address the drainage issues on Field 4.

d. The Town is going to look at the drainage in the ladies room, snake the pipes and maybe install new toilets.

e. Looking into the best location for a shed.

f. Two backstops will be installed at the Airport.

g. Ty Corallo will work with Mark Roberts to come up with a plan for the batting cages and the shed.

h. Softball will have access to the field equipment behind the snack bar.

i. Ty Corallo will be looking into more dirt for the fields.


Wrestling-Don Miers

1.       Forks won First Place in the Easton Holiday Duels

2.       Varsity and JV are undefeated.

3.       January 24, 2010 will be the last home match.

4.       Forks has won their Division

5.       Quads will begin January 31, 2010. (Forks, Nazareth -White, Stroudsburg, Parkland- Red)

6.       The JV Tournament will be held February 6, 2010 at the Chrin Center in Palmer.

7.       The Novice Tournament will be held February 7 at Catasaqua High School.

8.       The Varsity Tournament will be held February 14, 2010 at Freedom High School.

9.       The Wrestling Banquet will be February 19, 2010 at Flynnís on the Hill.


Committee Reports

Background Checks-John Wieller

1.       All the Basketball Background checks are done.

2.       Background checks for Baseball, La Crosse, and Softball will be needed.


Community Days-Dan Martyak/Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       Dan Martyak attended the first Community Days Meeting.

2.       Harry and Sue Bennett are stepping down from organizing Community Days.

3.       Forks Township is currently looking into someone to take over the position.

Dances-Kevin Wall

1.       Everything went well.

2.       Kevin Wall thanked Don Miers, Wrestling Commissioner for the 26 chaperones.

3.       One Incident-a girl fell and hurt her knee, Kevin gave her ice and notified her mother.The childís mother picked her up early.

4.       Wheel on the fryer is loose in the Community Center Snack Bar.

5.       268 children attended the dance.

6.       The Total Dance Profit was $673.35.

First Aid-Matt Daud

1.       No Report

Guidelines-Nancy Bonfanti

1.       Guidelines are set for Volunteers.

2.       Volunteer Guidelines are laminated at the Front Desk, Copies are also located at the Community Center Front Desk, and are posted on the Web Site.

3.       803 Activity Credit Cards were sent out.

4.       Nancy Bonfanti received six corrections.

5.       If a family did not receive a card and was suppose to, Nancy verifies the information with Jim Farley and a new account number is issued along with a new card.Nancy will initial the card.

6.       6. If you coach a sport and your child participates in another sport or have more than one child in another sport or same sport, you must still volunteer three hours.

Recreation Board-Butch Scerbo

1.       Ty Corallo attended the Recreation Board Meeting. The Recreation Board is tired of Non-Residents, that have already been approved to participate in Forks Sports, seek board approval every year.

Scholarship-Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       The Web Site is updated.

2.       Scholarship Applications are due March 20, 2010.

3.       A Scholarship Committee needs to be formed to review applications.

Sign Ups-Dan Martyak

1.       Baseball, Cheerleading, La Crosse, and Softball are currently accepting sign up forms.

Snack Bar-Kelli Wilson

1.       Snack Bar is running pretty well.

2.       Always have volunteers.

3.       Cheese Dispenser is ruined.Volunteers must use the Football Cheese machine until April.

Action: Kelli Wilson must decide what kind of cheese dispenser she would like the FTAA to purchase.

4.       At the dance the lines were long at the Snack bar.

5.       Snack Bar Volunteers for a Basketball game stated that there was not enough food in the Snack Bar.Kelli Wilson stated that there was plenty of drinks and hot dogs. Kelli Wilson stated that she was notified at 9:00p, the night before the game that there would be volunteers to open the snack bar.Eventually, the snack bar was low on hot dog rolls and hot dogs.After Kelliís away game, she picked up what was needed and brought it to the Community Center Snack Bar.

6.       Kelli Wilson stated that the Volunteer List was missing and the Open and Closing Duties for Volunteers was also missing.

7.       Kelli Wilson does not want to bring in food into the Snack bar until there is an event because there are missing items.

Action: Kelli Wilson is looking into a cabinet with a lock for Snack Bar Items. The wheel on the Fryer will be repaired.A shelf will be added over the sink. Locks will be installed on the freezer and Pepsi cooler.All dry goods and excessive inventory will be moved and stored in a locked closet in the gym.The plastic shelving will be removed from the Community Center Snack.The faucet sink in the Snack Bar will be replaced.

8.       Outdoor Snack Bars were professionally cleaned and are ready for Baseball/Softball Season.The Baseball Snack Bar will be scheduled for cleaning after the Softball Tournament in July and before the fall Football Season.

Sportwear-John Wieller

1.       Melissa Walsh and Dana Guffy will be taking over the Sportswear Committee.

Volunteer Coordinator-Available

1.       Looking for a coordinator to collect volunteer lists and to make sure that the volunteershave completed their hours.


Web Site-Ed Adamko

1.       Web site is updated.

Nancy Bonfanti made a motion to close the meeting-2nd Colleen Ziegenhorn

All in Favor-All Opposed-0 Status-Approved

Respectfully Submitted,

Melody Talpas,

Forks Township Athletic Association Secretary