FTAA Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President-Dan Martyak

Members Present:  Dan Marytak, John Wieller, Melody Talpas, Ed Adamko, Jen Castellano, Chris Henry, Lou Keleher, Don Miers, Don Miller, Simon Sikora, Sue Stem, Kevin Wall, Melissa Walsh, Kelli Wilson, Colleen Ziegenhorn,

Minutes-Motion to approve minutes- Kevin Wall Second by-Lou Keleher

All in favor-All Opposed-None Status- Approved


President’s Report-Dan Martyak

            1. Ty Corallo attended the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting.

                                a. The Town is looking to update the Community Center Fitness Equipment.

                                b. The Town is also looking to extend the bike path.

                                c. The Town hired more workers at the Community Center.

                d. The town is looking for bids for the Amphitheater which will be located behind the    current municipal building.              

                e. There was a delay in sending the sign up lists to the Commissioners.  The Township had computer issues.  The Town is working on the Signup Forms.

                f. The Budget gap between the Township and the Recreation Board for sports is $17,000.

2. The Town is trying to place the five year plan on a Microsoft Project Plan.

3. The New Fields have a few concerns.

                a. There are drainage issues with the New Fields

                b. The New Fields will not be ready for spring.

                c. The Town received a few complaints from residents about the fields.

4. Ty Corallo is researching an All Purpose Building and Online Sign ups.

Action: Melody Talpas email Ty Corallo in regards to how the research is progressing on the All Purpose Building, Online Sign Ups, and Banners.

5. Donations

a. Last year the FTAA stopped giving donations.

b. Dan Martyak had spoke with the IRS and Attorney Brett Morrow in regards to donations. High School Athletics are Like Causes and we may donate to them.

c. Dan Martyak’s recommendation is to vote and cap donations to $100.00 in support of Easton Area High School Sports Programs.

d. Donations for death will be flowers and a card.

e. Donations for Fires, illness, or other misfortunes fail IRS test.  The FTAA can coordinate or have a drive, but no cash donations will be collected.

6. Fundraising Guidelines

                a. Last year Fundraising Guidelines were posted on the Web Site.

                b. January 25, 2010 there was a Fundraising Meeting.

c. The FTAA does not want to stop or Discourage Fundraising.

d. The FTAA does not want liability for Fundraising.

e. The FTAA Officers established that they want the Sport to benefit from the        Fundraiser. (Example purchase uniforms or equipment that may be needed for the program)

f. Dan Martyak printed copies of the tentative Fundraising Guidelines for the FTAA.

Actions: Dan Martyak please set up a meeting if anyone wishes to discuss the tentative Fundraising Guidelines before they are voted on at the March FTAA Meeting.

Action: Melody Talpas please send out an email about the tentative Fundraising Guideline Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report –John Wieller

1. Ending Balance$34,704.38  

2. Sports Accounts-$22,299.98

3. Football Fundraiser-$1009.19.  This will be moved to the football account.

4. Scholarships-$2500.00.  The FTAA still has $3500.00 in scholarships to be sent out.

               5. Tax Update-Everything is up to date

6. Fire System-A Plus Fire Protection

                                a. Baseball and Football Snack Bars are up to date.  Canisters must be taken out of the Football and Baseball Snack bars and taken to the Community Center. The canisters are not fire hazards.  If the gel froze the canisters may have to be replaced.

                                b. Purdy will update the fire extinguishers

                7. Exterminator –Contract is up with Exterminex. 

a. Exterminex charges $300.00 per year

b. Dan Martyak requested that John Wieller renew the contract.

                8.  Vending Machines-$2331.92 total profit.

                                a. John Wieller would like to hire his daughter and a friend to stock the machines.  They would not handle any money.

                9. FTAA CD

                                a. The FTAA CD is $31,000.00

                                b. 312 cards turned in which equals $9360.00

                                c. Spring Sports from the Township $2165.00      

Correspondence-Melody Talpas

1.       Easton High School Baseball Diamond Club is requesting a donation for their upcoming Basket Bingo.

Old Business-None

New Business

1.       Field Hockey Update

a.       Melissa Walsh is going to have a meeting next week in regards to a New Jersey Field Hockey League.

b.      She is in the process of creating a Field Hockey Flyer.

c.       Melissa Walsh would like to hold a Field Hockey Clinic. 

d.      Melissa Walsh has been in touch with Casey Fritz the Field Hockey Coach at Easton Area High School. 

2.       Simon does not like that fact that there will be two Golf Outings held this year.


Sports Reports

Baseball-Simon Sikora

1.       Baseball has 287 children signed up for Baseball.  Last year there were 100 more players that signed up.

2.       Tryouts for 13 U Prep will be held March 290, 21, and 27 from 2-5p

3.       Tryouts for Jr. Legion Team will be held March 20, 21, and 27 from 2p-5p


Chris Henry made a motion to donate $100.00 to the Easton High School Baseball Diamond Club.-2nd Lou Keleher

All those in Favor-All Opposed-None Status-Approved

Basketball-Don Miller

1.       Basketball is half way through the season.

2.       There are 29 teams and 22 have a record of 500 or better.

 Cheerleading-Melody Talpas

1.       There are currently 70 girls signed up for Cheerleading.

2.       Melody recently ordered cheerleading uniforms.

Football-Fran Tone

1.       Assistant Football Commissioners for 2010 Joe Tuterice and Simon Sikora.  Simon is replacing Jim White.

2.       No league activity until April.

3.       No takers for football clinics in February.  Next chance for clinics will be a one day clinic in late March or early April at Lafayette.  This clinic will be open for all head and assistant coaches in the football program,

4.       Fran Tone will attempt an open meeting with all coaches within the next 30 days.

5.       The Forks Football Staff will direct parking at Lauren’s First & Goal Football Camp at Lafayette in early June. 

6.       This will be the fifth year that the Forks Football coaches have volunteered for this event.

7.       Fran Tone is requesting the Board to authorize the golf tournament as the sole football fundraiser for 2010. Fran had contact with team parents and others involved indicate a willingness to have it again.  Fran will speak to the board concerning the parameters for proceeds as discussed at the Fundraising Meeting.


La Crosse-Scott Hardy

1.       No Report

Soccer-Gregor Wright & Brett Morrow

1.       Spring Soccer sign ups are still being held until mid March.

2.       As of February 12, 2010, there are 125 children signed up.

3.       The fall 2010 BMYSL Tournament will be held in Forks. A committee formed to start planning for this activity.

Softball-Ty Corallo

1.       Ty Corallo received uniform shorts, they need to be numbered and then handed over to Butch Scerbo.

2.       Ty Corallo is going to give the bags to Butch Scerbo for storage.

3.       Signups are below last season, but have only received one file from the township.  The Township needs to update as soon as possible.

4.       Needs to coordinate sportswear fundraiser with Sportswear Committee.

5.       Ty Corallo met with Lafayette College Softball coaches and they want to be more involved locally.

a.       Lafayette is holding a coaches clinic on February 28, 2010. Forks will be attending.

b.      On February 28, 2010, Lafayette will also be holding a clinic for Forks for pitchers and catchers.

6.       Butch needs to meet with Butch Scerbo to gather catching equipment for the upcoming clinic, to take inventory of the equipment, and place orders for new equipment.

7.        Forks Township is hoping to host the league tournament again this year.  After the March League Meeting, Ty Corallo should know more.

8.       Ty Corallo will follow up with Mark Roberts and Ed Kleppinger regarding

a.       Moving the mounds for the new distances

b.      Cutting fields one and two more on the corners

c.       Drainage issues on field 4

d.      Drainage issues in the ladies bathroom

e.      Shed locations (if a shed is still needed)

f.        Backstops at the airport

g.       Working with Mark Roberts to come up with plans for batting cages and shed

h.       Access to the field equipment behind the snack bar

i.         More dirt on the fields

Wrestling-Don Miers

1.       February 2, 2010 The JV Tournament was held at the Chrin’s Center in Palmer Township.

2.       Seven boys received medals.

3.       The Varsity Wrestling team received 2nd place in team points. Fourteen out of seventeen boys received a medal.

4.       Jimmy Sailor and Hayden Keleher both placed first and were invited to wrestle in the East Penn All Star Match.   The All Star Match will take place February 25, 2010.

5.       Novice Tournament was held at Catasauqua. Twelve boys received medals.

6.       Forks won the Southeast Division Championship.

7.       Banquet at Flynn’s on the Hill Friday, February 19, 2010.

Committee Reports

Background Checks-John Wieller

1.      John met with Supervisor Michelle Rodgers and explained the background check process.

2.      Background checks are up to date.

Actions: Simon Sikora, Scott Hardy, Ty Corallo as soon as Baseball, La Crosse, and Softball determine the coaches, please send the coaches list to John Wieller to determine if background checks are up to date.

Community Days-Dan Martyak/Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       The Township is looking for someone to run Community Days.

2.       The next meeting will be held the 3rd Monday of the month.

Dances-Kevin Wall

1.       Everything is ready for the dance.  The Police and DJ are booked. 

2.       Scott Abert will email the chaperone list to Kevin Wall.

3.       The Lacrosse Dance will be moved from March 19, 2010 to March 26, 2010.

4.       The Baseball Dance will be moved from April 16, 2010 to April 23, 2010.

Action:  Melody Talpas please send new dance dates to Ed Adamko.

First Aid-Matt Daud

1.       No Report

Guidelines-Nancy Bonfanti

1.       Nancy Bonfanti reissued eighteen activity cards to people that either lost or stated that they did not receive them.

2.       Only six cards were new reissue cards.  These cards were for families that were not included on the original mailing list.

3.       Sixty eight people have been credited the thirty dollar refund.

Recreation Board-Butch Scerbo

1.       Recreation Board Meeting will be held February 21, 2010.

Scholarship-Colleen Ziegenhorn

1.       Colleen Ziegenhorn did not receive any scholarship forms.

2.       The scholarship deadline is March 20, 2010.

Sign Ups-Dan Martyak

1.      Signups are still being placed on the Town’s data base.

2.      Ty Corallo is researching the online sign ups.

Snack Bar-Kelli Wilson

1.       Locks were places on the freezer.

2.       The shelves are up in the Community Center Snack Bar.

3.       The grease was drained and the fryers were cleaned.

4.       Dry food is in the closet in the gym.

Action: Dan Martyak will research new cheese machine.

Sportswear-Melissa Walsh and Dana Guffy

1.      Melissa would like to set up a table at Basketball games.

2.      If anyone would like to order sportswear, please contact Melissa Walsh.

Volunteer Coordinator- Position not filled. No Report

Web Site-Ed Adamko

1.       Web site is updated.

made a motion to close the meeting-2nd Respectfully Submitted,

Melody Talpas,

Forks Township Athletic Association Secretary