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Community Center,
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FTYSO Newswire FTYSO Athletic Association Meetings are 3rd Monday of each month will be held on @ 7:30 PM - @ Community Center, - Meeting Room 'C'.... ..Looking to Volunteer or help Coach? We can ALWAYS use help. Call or E-Mail us!
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About Us

Some of you might better know us by our former name, which was the Forks Township Athletic Association.

We elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary each December. This body has overall responsibility for the organization and the youth sports programs within Forks Township.

Our organization provides many services, but the two major ones involve fund raising and day to day management of our youth sports programs. Before we expound further, please allow us a moment to explain how the system in Forks Township works.

The Board of Supervisors (BoS) allocates tax money towards youth sports programs. You elect this 5-member board every six years. The BoS appoints a Recreation Board (7 members) to administer these tax dollars for our youth sports programs as well as all park and recreational activities. The FTYSO is an all-volunteer organization. We raise the additional funds needed to support the youth programs that otherwise might be shortchanged due to budget restrictions or cuts. We do this through seasonal registration fees, snack bar operations and monthly youth dances to name a few. As to management of these programs, every March we elect volunteer commissioners to run each individual program. As you might suspect, this is a large undertaking as this is a volunteer effort, plus, our township's growth continues to soar.

Currently we sponsor eight youth sports programs. They include cheering, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, softball, lacrosse and baseball.

No doubt you have already figured out that we need help and lots of it! Please don't be scared off by this request. Our philosophy is that we would rather have 50 people doing 50 small and manageable projects/committees than 2 people trying to do the same 50 projects/committees and ultimately burn out. We have lots of tasks that require a minimal amount of volunteer time.

Thanks for stopping by and please make sure that you check back often! We welcome comments and questions about our website and programs.

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